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About Us

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Our Story

What started as a conversation between friends, has ended up as a week-long celebration of literature. We're the kind of people who get excited about new book releases, debate the merits of classic literature, and can't resist a good page-turner. Our festival team includes PR experts, writers, editors and booksellers and our mission is to create a platform for authors, readers and book lovers to come together to celebrate the power of literature.

As residents of Maidstone, we saw a huge gap in the town for a literature festival, particularly as the county town of Kent. There are some amazing schools, authors and cultural venues in the town that we wanted to bring together to celebrate the love of books, their readers, writers and stakeholders who also want to see this in their town.

Maidstone LitFest is the ultimate destination for anyone who loves books, words and ideas.

Meet The Team

Headshot of Rosie Hill, festival bookseller

Rosie Hill

Festival Bookseller 

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