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Get Your Read On

Becky Grace

11 May 2023

Maidstone's First-Ever Lit Fest Unleashes the Power of Prose with a Festive Bang!

Maidstone's exciting, debut literary festival promises something for everyone with an array of events and appearances taking place in the heart of the town, and for the first festival of its kind in Maidstone, the line-up of authors joining us is nothing short of incredible.

Whether you're a fan of crime, thriller, history or mythology, we've got something for you! Our events are jam-packed with fun and exciting activities, including author interviews, readings, workshops, book signings and more.

And it's not just for grown-ups – we've got plenty of activities for kids too! From storytelling sessions to creative writing workshops, we've got everything your little ones need to spark their imagination and fall in love with reading.

Maidstone LitFest isn't just about books and authors – it's about community, connection and having a great time. We believe that literature should be accessible to everyone, and that's why we're committed to creating a warm and welcoming environment where everyone feels like they belong.

So come join the fun, meet new friends, and get your literary fix at our amazing festival!

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