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Maggie Brookes

Becky Grace

3 Sept 2023

Acts of Love and War

Maggie Brookes will be appearing at Maidstone Town Hall on Friday 6th October from 6.30-7.30pm

Tickets £8 each

Ex-journalist, BBC TV producer and creative writing lecturer Maggie Brookes is the author of two powerful historical novels. With stories set in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and Spain, she creates a sense of place with ease and faithfulness.

The recurring theme at the heart of Maggie's novels is the strength and courage of women in adversity. She brings her stories to life with painstaking research, using imagination to fill the gaps in the historical record.

‘A heady mix of young passion, love, courage and hope in a dark world.’ Giles Kristian author of the Sunday Times and Times bestseller Lancelot.

Maggie's first novel, The Prisoner's Wife, is inspired by a true story told to her in a lift by an ex-World War II prisoner of war. It is a tale of daring deception, as a young Czech woman is plunged into the horrors of a Nazi prisoner-of-war camp to be with the English soldier she loves. It tells of an incredible risk, and how our deepest bonds are tested in desperate times; a story of love and survival, against the darkest odds.

'Be prepared to lose your heart in the simmering heat of war-torn Spain' – Miranda Malins

Her second novel, Acts of Love and War, is a heartrending tale of love, courage and sacrifice, as 21-year-old Lucy heads into the horrors of the Spanish Civil War to bring back the two men she loves, and tries to help save the lives of thousands of children. But will any of them survive?

Join Maggie as she discusses these true stories and how they inspired her novels.

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