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Maidstone Writers' Group

Becky Grace

13 Mar 2024

From festival inspiration to year-round collaboration

For one bookish week in October 2023, the Maidstone LitFest brought together book lovers and writers alike. But its impact didn't end when the festival closed its doors. For some, it was just the beginning.

Inspired by two festival workshops for writers – led by author Mark Stay and author coach and marketing expert Kelly Weekes – a group of local writers decided to keep the momentum going year-round by forming a writing group.

Starting small, the Maidstone Writers' Group is growing quickly with potential new members reaching out every week. The group meet regularly to share their work, offer feedback, discuss writing and – most importantly – to write.

These gatherings have become a source of inspiration and learning for everyone involved. With members' writing interests ranging from commercial fiction to literary historical fiction, poetry to memoir, journalism to narrative non-fiction, this clearly is a space for writers of all kinds.

"We are delighted to have contact with other writers in Maidstone," says founding member Mary Smith. "We would like to increase our numbers and feel sure there must be other writers (actual or potential) around the town."

Fortnightly meetings take place at the Kent History and Library Centre, with additional critiquing sessions for splinter groups taking place every three weeks.

If you are interested in meeting like-minded writers and joining the Maidstone Writers' Group, head along to the group's Facebook page and get involved!

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